$ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install nvidia-352

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Sniper Simulator  (0) 2017.06.22
LEA , ARIA benchmark. compile  (0) 2017.04.19
parboil benchmark 에러 해결 어케하지  (0) 2017.02.20
[GPGPU SIM 공부중]  (0) 2016.06.14
gcc symbolic change  (0) 2016.03.14
g++ 의존성 문제 해결  (0) 2016.02.16

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AREA: Hardware and Architecture
  Rank 1:
       ASPLOS: Architectural Support for Prog Lang and OS
       ISCA: ACM/IEEE Symp on Computer Architecture
       ICCAD: Intl Conf on Computer-Aided Design
       DAC: Design Automation Conf
       MICRO: Intl Symp on Microarchitecture
       HPCA: IEEE Symp on High-Perf Comp Architecture
  Rank 2:
       SUPER: ACM/IEEE Supercomputing Conference
       ICS: Intl Conf on Supercomputing
       ISSCC: IEEE Intl Solid-State Circuits Conf
       HCS: Hot Chips Symp
       VLSI: IEEE Symp VLSI Circuits
  Rank 3:
       ICA3PP:  Algs and Archs for Parall Proc
       EuroMICRO: New Frontiers of Information Technology
       ACS: Australian Supercomputing Conf
       Advanced Research in VLSI
       International Symposium on System Synthesis
       International Symposium on Computer Design
       International Symposium on Circuits and Systems
       Asia Pacific Design Automation Conference
       International Symposium on Physical Design
       International Conference on VLSI Design


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Hardware and Architecture Conference Rank  (0) 2017.02.05

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